Ekeberg Package 2: Guided tour of the sculpture park

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Ekeberg Package 2 - 60 min

We welcome in our Visitor Center (the white Swiss villa on the left just after the entrance to the park), where the guide serves a glass of sparkling and gives an introduction about the Ekeberg park. Then you will be given a map, and together with the guide you will go out into the close park area to experience a selection of our beautiful sculptures.

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Attendance is at the Visitor Center - a white Swiss villa on the left, right at the entrance to the park (adr: Kongsveien 23). Here you will be greeted with refreshments by today's guide. A brief introduction on the area's exciting history then takes place before the artistic journey in the park begins.


Introduction with sparkling
Maps are handed out before the tour starts
Guided tour in the close area of the sculpture park

Price for group of up to 15 people: NOK 2950, -
Price per person over 15: NOK 185, - (max 25 pers per group)


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